Welcome to Science Accessibly

There is so much science in the world around us, but sadly science is often communicated in confusing jargon, if at all. This blog is about all things science – following current trends, but making science accessible to the everyday person. Hence the name, Science Accessibly. Follow this link to find out a little more about the motivation behind Science Accessibly.

Clare Garrard grew up in Zimbabwe, where she took an active interest in the world around her. From a young age, her interest in science was clear – sometimes to the detriment of her mother’s bathroom cosmetics! She has recently completed a Masters degree at the University of Cape Town, where she studied HIV structure using bioinformatics. When she is not working, you’ll find her dancing, reading, or gardening.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Science Accessibly

  1. Congrats Clare on starting your blog. I have been blogging for a year now, (nothing as intelligent as yours!) and I just wanted to recommend a course to you called Blogging 101. It is run by WordPress, I think every month but it gets very booked up. It is full of really great information about expanding your audience etc. good luck and happy blogging. Rima Trew xx

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